Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh, Lamps!

I really like lamps.

Vintage Lamps.

Fat Lamps.

Gold Lamps.

Lamps with Tassels.

I also agree with The Nester's philosphy on lamps in the house.

But I grew up with the same idea. Or my mother pounding in our heads to turn off the overhead lighting, it's TOO bright and it warms the house.

I agree with that now that I am a mom and I see that electric bill come in the mail. But living in Texas it's hard to keep a house cool and the last thing you want is to have unflattering light aging you and making the ole electric company richier.


So when my hubby and I moved in together so did my 20+ lamps. He did not understand all the fuss, but now I catch him enjoying the ambiance just as much as I do.

As well as the electric bill.

The entry buffet/sideboard/cabinet finally bit the dust. I was so tired of seeing a broken drawer and for the space the piece was weak.

So I found another baragain on Craiglist to take it's spot.

You'll have to wait for a later post to see the new recruit.

But I moved some old lamps from the storage closet onto the, we'll call it a sideboard. But that weren't cutting it either. I think they were too short and just not able to compete with the magnitude of the new piece.

I had eyed some lamps at HL that were 66%, but at the prices they started at I was still spending more than I wanted to. So I thought about the lamps that I love and already own.

Where did I get those?


So I headed on over and picked up two tall lamps for a 1/4 of the price for one at HL.

Of course they were going to have to blend with the decor.

So project on.

You can't really tell, but they are chocolate brown with golden accents.

So I taped off the globe.

And, the prongs.

Are those called prongs?

You know the bars the shade screws on to.

A little black satin spray paint and they are like new.

Well new with some new paint!

Except for the shade and that's for another day!

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