Friday, July 30, 2010

I need a Favor...

I normally would never ask my blog friends to help me out, but I think I have a chance at winning.

So here is the deal:

There is a local lady here in Texas, that distresses furniture and though I am in the same business, I do my work for fun and family.

And for you to read about,, of course.

But this lady is talented and I do love her stuff.

The favor:

Just go to her website, leave a comment telling her I (Melissa Orsak) sent you.

That's it, it's painless.

And I promise, when your cutie pootie is in a contest I will click their picture until my finger falls off and then I will switch hands until my other finger falls off.

I promise, to vote for your furniture remodel and/or project, just as long as you provide me with the link.

Help a girl out. I would very much appericate it!

Have a fab weekend!

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