Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I am Working On.

 This is my new project.

Thank you so much to the hubster and my lil' terds to taking the hour long drive one way to pick it up.

I found this piece on, yes, you guessed it Craigslist. And originally was not too thrilled with the price. I contacted the lady and was under the impression she would not budge from her asking price.

So I gave up.

A week later she contacted me desperated to give it a new home as they were running out of room and had to let it go.

She dropped the price $20.


Oh, the stories this desk could tell. I am charmed by it's luster.

Or lack of.

And can honestly say that I have never been intimidated by a piece of furniture before.

Before this one.

I believe I am just going to give it a good polishing and let the originality of the piece shine though!

Let the polishing begin!

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