Thursday, October 28, 2010

Screen Door for the Inside

With so many different things coming back into style for decorating again, I thought I would try an idea out. I might have seen this before in a magazine or on a blog, but forgive me I don't recall. Hanging a door yes, but a screen door, not really.

So when I bump into this peach for $2 at an estate sale, I took it.

As I was piling into my car between my two children, it dawned on me, it's kinda old and it might have a smell. Nevertheless, I knew I would not find one for this price again.

So I set it in the garage and waited.

Waited for inspiration.

And well for the cobwebs to disappear.

I touched up the paint and painted the screen to cover some rust.

By this time I had wondered if I had removed the character from the piece.

Once I removed the tape, the paint started to follow and I was a little sad.

Until I took a step back and realized what I had done.

Before                                                                                  After

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drop Cloth & Burlap Table Runner

I have decided on a decorating theme for our home...


Oh, yes, the style that seems to in, however, mine is a little more challenging then going to the local furniture store and picking out something that looks antique or worn.

I am making it ALL myself.

Ok, when I say, all, I mean the things I can actually make.

Which leads me over to our dining room table. A table which is used.

Used a lot.

We eat all of our meals here, especially since I just sold our kitchen table. My toddle climbs up and eats his morning waffles, his hot dogs for lunch and whatever happens to make it on a plate for dinner. He will even climb up in his chair for his nightly ice cream.

But I am bored with it. I need something to make it more appealing and cottage like.

Table runner it is.

I gathered the drop cloth left overs from the entertainment skirt I made and it just so happened to be a perfect amount for this project.

Here it is, the drop cloth, a burlap roll and my ever so wonderful glue gun.

I folded about 5 inches of fabric over to make a nice hem. It was also the size I wanted it after I folded it over. So I just went down each side gluing away.

Here I am with my nice glued hem. So much easier for me, I just can't sew to safe my life.

Or any one's for that matter. Something I need to work on.

The burlap is kinda thick for this project, so I folded it in half making a crease and then cutting it in half.

No certain measurements, just whatever looks right.

Then glued one side down it the bottom of the hem. The side that will be face down on the table.

Then I came back through and glued the other end on top of the already glued side. Making a double edge.

Viola! By doubling it up on the edge it makes it poofy. So it is not completely flat on the table. Also, so there is not too much burlap. I just wanted it to be decorative not overwhelming.

If you can't tell by all the pictures, I sure do like it.

Now if I can only keep it clean.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wreaths for Fall

I really enjoy the fall/winter season. Though, here in Texas that just means it will dip into the low 60s, but yeah, it's better then the 100 degree heat.

With this change in weather, we all know the season is changing and nothing is more fitting for a season change then the coordinating wreath on your door.

I made one for EVERY season before my husband and I met. Just cute little ones, that I made with cheap things from the dollar store. They have lasted for over 7 years, so I must have done something right.

But now, I want something more fancy. More glamorous. More me.

So here is the first one. Yes, I said first one, I have a few more up my sleeve.

I really like how it all came together at the end.  I did not want it too dark, or too orange. So I think I found a happy medium. I also, love the little weed things, forgive I do not know the proper name, but they sure are cute.

On the door it goes...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drop Cloth Skirt...

Before, I start I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures. It's hard holding a toddler out of the frame and taking the picture at the same time. Whenever I pull the camera out to take a picture of something besides him, he has to be in it.

Ok, a skirt. Well a skirt for my entertainment center.

I have been staring at this piece for weeks, thinking man, I just don't want to spend the money to get another one, when most likely we will be doing something different with this set-up once we move.

I sure don't want to get the paint out either. My hard labor does not come cheap these days.

I knew there must be something I can do, to make me happy and avoid spending a ton of money that will also give me a solution to the thing that has been plaguing me.

Drop cloth.

I purchased two large ones, last week for a chair I am working on. Post to come later.

And I remember seeing other fellow bloggers using "skirts" to hide storage under their desks or tables and I thought, well I can hide the darkness just as easy.

Here's the darkness.

I laid out the drop cloth and took measurements.

I added a few inches to the top so that I would be able to fold it. I cannot sew, so this is the easy fix for me.

Cut it by a chalk line that I made. I just used chalk I had lying around the house. You can barely see it and once I made the fold, you can't see it at all.

Then I tacked the two ends with furniture tacks, to hold them in place and let the center fabric hang loose so that I could place a crease in the middle.

I gathered the fabric in the center folding on each side and then joining them in the middle to make one nice fold.

Then placed a tack to hold in the center.

I did not completely place the tacks on the ends until I was sure that I liked the fold in the center. I also had my hubby there to help hold and to give more cloth in the center to adjust the fold to my desire.

I really like it and think that it fulfills my request to down play the darkness of the room.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Entry Make-Over

I finally got the entry area the way I want it.

Well for now anyway.

So this is what I had. I grab this piece while I was out of town with the in-laws and loved it. However it drowned out on this huge wall I had it up against. So it had to go.

Into another room, not the trash.

My toddler is showing me what a great baragain I got it for and how well made it is.

Then, I went to this. I sold a piece. Then bought this piece.

The boldness of this sideboard, is wonderful for this spot. Except it has one flaw...

It's black.

And if you have been listening, I need light colors.

(Don't worry the star was only there long enough to take a picture and see what it looked like, I did not leave it there.)

So into the garage it went, with a coat of primer, two coats of my favorite blue/gray/off white paint I own.

Out with the lamps and anything remotely dark.

A few trips to IKEA, HL and some more paint.

And this is what is there now....

What do you think?

A lot better I think.

Before                                                                              After