Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lantern Overhaul!

The other day I headed over to IKEA to find some cute, cheap decor. Something to summerize our home and brighten it some.

I have been reading The Nester's tips and really like her ideas.

Of course I love ALL of her ideas, but this one I had to try.

Ok, I try most of them, anyway.

This lantern was the cutest and it was on sale for $5.

I had to have it. Though it only came in red, navy blue and forest green, there was no way it would work with my brighting plan.

So I walked away only to find the dang cart I was pushing, pull me back over and pick one up.


So here it is right out of the box.

Green and all.

Out to the garage we went and I used my best, most favorite white gloss spray paint money can buy.
No, just what HL had in stock.

Assembley was required.
Thank goodness it came with directions! HA!

So I thought, on the mantle it will go, but the thing was too big and I knew a little two year old would throw a ball in that direction and glass would go everywhere.
So no go with the mantle.

Then, came another fabo idea, I could place it over the TV with one of the cutest globe lights that IKEA has ever made.
Then I placed it inside.

I think I like it!

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