Monday, June 28, 2010

Update: On the President's Desk Part 2

I really like this desk and think that I have come up with a great solution on how to breathe in life into it.

But this journey is going to take awhile.

A LONG while.

I bought it a week ago and am now ready to prime. There was one layer of latex white paint and then two to four layers of varnish.

The top of the desk had four layers, I so did not like that.





Throw in a little steel wool and this is what I got.

I woukl have loved to keep it this brown, natural oak, but the residue and staining from the layers and layers had really sunk into the piece.

So I nursed it back to health with a little primer. It's drying now and I should be able to add the bottom color later today!

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