Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time to Rest

We are going to enjoy our Holiday Season.

We hope you do the same.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wreaths Tips and Tricks

I wanted to throw a few things out there in case you were wondering or needed a little nudge in profecting that holiday wreath.

ALWAYS buy more then you need. Yes, it may look like you have enough in your hand, but it's not going to stay in your hand, it seems to get smaller once you start decorating the wreath. I always just turned back before I leave the aisle in the store and grab one more.

Use plenty of wire. It's cheap and you can't even see it, if you use it right. I always do a shake test to make sure all more decorations have been secured onto the wreath.

Whether using a greenry base or a dried vine base, get a good one. Make sure it's a nice circle, I have seen so many that are funny shaped and that just will not make the best base for wreath making. I also tend to visit all my local craft shops just for this reason.

And when you think you are finished hang it up and take a step back.

And go ahead and add those few more decorations, even if you think you don't need it. You do.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Wreath...

I have been making my own wreaths for my home for years.

They have held up over time and each year seem to come out of the tote I store them in undamaged.

But the wreaths that I have been using I made when I was single and had my own place, and did not have much  mone to spend.

I  just kinda made it work.

But, now I am able to make fabulous wreaths I have always wanted on my front door.

So in replacing wreaths, or mostly ust re-vamping them. My husband has recruited me to provided wreaths for the new home buyers he has each month.

So I now in my spare time make wreaths for a welcome home package for new home owners.

What a delight?!

Ok, maybe not for you, but wouldn't have been awesome if you bought your home and as a welcome home, congratulations gift, you got a beautiful wreath.

I think so.

With the holiday season, here is one, I whipped together....

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bathroom Make-Over

Once again, we are getting the old house ready to go back on the market.

But I came to realize that the new owners may not want this yellow color in their bathroom.

So I ponder the thought, long and hard.

Do I really want to pay someone $500 or so to do this tiny room?

No, I could so use that money on something else. Right?!
It cost about $150 and three days of work, but I did it at my own pace with two children running around and I think I like it...



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Entry Re-Do

If you have been reading my blog, you know that the entry "area" is the most challenging part of my home. It's not really a hall way, more like a little nook.

You walk in the front door and BAM! you're right in the living room. But, I wanted a piece that you could set your keys, or display pictures, etc.

So here is the change that this area has gone through.

I love the piece lightened up, but I was not liking the plates.

And I thought the lamps were to modern.

I like this better. Yes, both lamps work.

I did not even realized I only had one on until I uploaded the pictures.
I still like it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Garage Sale STEAL!

When I travel around the south and check out all the great stores and their antiques or sometimes even the thrift stores, it always crosses my mind.

"I can find a better deal then that."

Some of the time, I don't and later kick myself for not grabbing certain items up when  I saw them for $10 cheaper somewhere else.

But that philospie has helped out this past weekend. We were on the way to grocery shop and passed by this gated community. In the six years we have driven by this place, I have never even seen a car go in, but today there was a Garage Sale sign out front. So we had to go.

And I am so glad that I did. I got everything for....

$5!!! Yes FIVE dollars!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Lil Man's Room

So here's the deal, we have a two year old, who you guessed it, is rough on stuff.

All stuff.

So I wanted good quality furniture for his room that did not break the bank.

The bed was a deal and it has held up wonderfully.

But.... it's black.

And his room has drak walls. It's a little dreary in there for a little boy.

So I painted it.


Nice coverage, with Primer, two coats of blue and a gloss.

The dresser however was another issue.

We bought a huge one, I mean one that was almost the size of his bed. There was no room in there for him, his toys, his bed, his toys, a chair, and his toys.

You get the picture. So I sold his enromous dresser and bought a smaller one that could still hold all of his cloths.

Here's the hardware.

Before drawers.

Forgive me, once I get the motivation to start a project there is no turning back, so after I start, I then remember the camera.



I like 'em!

Furniture Feature Fridays

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Screen Door for the Inside

With so many different things coming back into style for decorating again, I thought I would try an idea out. I might have seen this before in a magazine or on a blog, but forgive me I don't recall. Hanging a door yes, but a screen door, not really.

So when I bump into this peach for $2 at an estate sale, I took it.

As I was piling into my car between my two children, it dawned on me, it's kinda old and it might have a smell. Nevertheless, I knew I would not find one for this price again.

So I set it in the garage and waited.

Waited for inspiration.

And well for the cobwebs to disappear.

I touched up the paint and painted the screen to cover some rust.

By this time I had wondered if I had removed the character from the piece.

Once I removed the tape, the paint started to follow and I was a little sad.

Until I took a step back and realized what I had done.

Before                                                                                  After

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drop Cloth & Burlap Table Runner

I have decided on a decorating theme for our home...


Oh, yes, the style that seems to in, however, mine is a little more challenging then going to the local furniture store and picking out something that looks antique or worn.

I am making it ALL myself.

Ok, when I say, all, I mean the things I can actually make.

Which leads me over to our dining room table. A table which is used.

Used a lot.

We eat all of our meals here, especially since I just sold our kitchen table. My toddle climbs up and eats his morning waffles, his hot dogs for lunch and whatever happens to make it on a plate for dinner. He will even climb up in his chair for his nightly ice cream.

But I am bored with it. I need something to make it more appealing and cottage like.

Table runner it is.

I gathered the drop cloth left overs from the entertainment skirt I made and it just so happened to be a perfect amount for this project.

Here it is, the drop cloth, a burlap roll and my ever so wonderful glue gun.

I folded about 5 inches of fabric over to make a nice hem. It was also the size I wanted it after I folded it over. So I just went down each side gluing away.

Here I am with my nice glued hem. So much easier for me, I just can't sew to safe my life.

Or any one's for that matter. Something I need to work on.

The burlap is kinda thick for this project, so I folded it in half making a crease and then cutting it in half.

No certain measurements, just whatever looks right.

Then glued one side down it the bottom of the hem. The side that will be face down on the table.

Then I came back through and glued the other end on top of the already glued side. Making a double edge.

Viola! By doubling it up on the edge it makes it poofy. So it is not completely flat on the table. Also, so there is not too much burlap. I just wanted it to be decorative not overwhelming.

If you can't tell by all the pictures, I sure do like it.

Now if I can only keep it clean.