Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project Kitchen Lighten Up!

I have gotten so much done today.

THREE projects, Three! Well unless you can't planting flowers as one, but I didn't take any pictures of them. Oh, well.

So I have moved into the kitchen, which is my favorite place. Since I spend a large amount of time in there. So I want it to not only be a place of great food, but also a place to sit round and eat to drink. Or both.

I have this fabulous bench, which inspired my blog name. But I am just running out of room so I put it in the kitchen, though this will most likely not be it's permanent place, I haven't found any chairs to go with the table nor do I feel like looking, I kinda want to stumble upon them.

As you can tell the wall is bare. Remember we are getting ready to put this house on the market, soon. And I need something warm and inviting.

Sorry about the mess, we went swimming and are planning a big FIRST birthday, so our house is a little messy.

You can't see it, and I just now realized that when I am typing this, but there is an end table to the right of the bench that is a shade of green and I wanted to draw that out and brighten it up some.

The plates are different textures and sheen's.

I do have two more that will be going in the middle, but I am short a few hangers.

I am not too sure about the pillows, I had them standing up the day before, I want the bench to say, "come sit on me!"

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