Monday, October 4, 2010

Entry Make-Over

I finally got the entry area the way I want it.

Well for now anyway.

So this is what I had. I grab this piece while I was out of town with the in-laws and loved it. However it drowned out on this huge wall I had it up against. So it had to go.

Into another room, not the trash.

My toddler is showing me what a great baragain I got it for and how well made it is.

Then, I went to this. I sold a piece. Then bought this piece.

The boldness of this sideboard, is wonderful for this spot. Except it has one flaw...

It's black.

And if you have been listening, I need light colors.

(Don't worry the star was only there long enough to take a picture and see what it looked like, I did not leave it there.)

So into the garage it went, with a coat of primer, two coats of my favorite blue/gray/off white paint I own.

Out with the lamps and anything remotely dark.

A few trips to IKEA, HL and some more paint.

And this is what is there now....

What do you think?

A lot better I think.

Before                                                                              After

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  1. Hi!

    I love the white! It looks GREAT with those lamps!!!

    I just found your blog... I am going to have a look around :)