Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drop Cloth Skirt...

Before, I start I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures. It's hard holding a toddler out of the frame and taking the picture at the same time. Whenever I pull the camera out to take a picture of something besides him, he has to be in it.

Ok, a skirt. Well a skirt for my entertainment center.

I have been staring at this piece for weeks, thinking man, I just don't want to spend the money to get another one, when most likely we will be doing something different with this set-up once we move.

I sure don't want to get the paint out either. My hard labor does not come cheap these days.

I knew there must be something I can do, to make me happy and avoid spending a ton of money that will also give me a solution to the thing that has been plaguing me.

Drop cloth.

I purchased two large ones, last week for a chair I am working on. Post to come later.

And I remember seeing other fellow bloggers using "skirts" to hide storage under their desks or tables and I thought, well I can hide the darkness just as easy.

Here's the darkness.

I laid out the drop cloth and took measurements.

I added a few inches to the top so that I would be able to fold it. I cannot sew, so this is the easy fix for me.

Cut it by a chalk line that I made. I just used chalk I had lying around the house. You can barely see it and once I made the fold, you can't see it at all.

Then I tacked the two ends with furniture tacks, to hold them in place and let the center fabric hang loose so that I could place a crease in the middle.

I gathered the fabric in the center folding on each side and then joining them in the middle to make one nice fold.

Then placed a tack to hold in the center.

I did not completely place the tacks on the ends until I was sure that I liked the fold in the center. I also had my hubby there to help hold and to give more cloth in the center to adjust the fold to my desire.

I really like it and think that it fulfills my request to down play the darkness of the room.

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