Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drop Cloth & Burlap Table Runner

I have decided on a decorating theme for our home...


Oh, yes, the style that seems to in, however, mine is a little more challenging then going to the local furniture store and picking out something that looks antique or worn.

I am making it ALL myself.

Ok, when I say, all, I mean the things I can actually make.

Which leads me over to our dining room table. A table which is used.

Used a lot.

We eat all of our meals here, especially since I just sold our kitchen table. My toddle climbs up and eats his morning waffles, his hot dogs for lunch and whatever happens to make it on a plate for dinner. He will even climb up in his chair for his nightly ice cream.

But I am bored with it. I need something to make it more appealing and cottage like.

Table runner it is.

I gathered the drop cloth left overs from the entertainment skirt I made and it just so happened to be a perfect amount for this project.

Here it is, the drop cloth, a burlap roll and my ever so wonderful glue gun.

I folded about 5 inches of fabric over to make a nice hem. It was also the size I wanted it after I folded it over. So I just went down each side gluing away.

Here I am with my nice glued hem. So much easier for me, I just can't sew to safe my life.

Or any one's for that matter. Something I need to work on.

The burlap is kinda thick for this project, so I folded it in half making a crease and then cutting it in half.

No certain measurements, just whatever looks right.

Then glued one side down it the bottom of the hem. The side that will be face down on the table.

Then I came back through and glued the other end on top of the already glued side. Making a double edge.

Viola! By doubling it up on the edge it makes it poofy. So it is not completely flat on the table. Also, so there is not too much burlap. I just wanted it to be decorative not overwhelming.

If you can't tell by all the pictures, I sure do like it.

Now if I can only keep it clean.

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