Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picture This...

With all the fab wall decals that are available in stores and online, there are a ton of options for new and inventive, even sentimental ways to "write" what you want on your wall.

And then move it around. With the adhesive that is used you can casually take it down and move it into another room or another spot if it's not exactly where you want it.

Which makes these things all the more appealing.

However, with a plans to move in the near future, I still want to use the decals, I just don't want to leave them. Nor do I want to defer prospective buyers from making an offer because they don't like it.

So I came up with, making a picture.

Yes, a picture.

There is a Garden Ridge less than five miles from my house and I bet if you went into 95% of the home within a twenty miles radius you would see some version of this picture.

I own four.

So I covered it up.

 Then I slapped two coats of the green paint I had. 

Inside, we went.

Way too hot outside.

Here is the decal. A little Halloween-ish but I think the green will liven it up.

If I change my mind the decal peels right off, too!

Cut it in half.

I measured. The tree is tilting, not my cutting.

PLace it on there, one side at a time.

Finished project!!!

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