Thursday, October 28, 2010

Screen Door for the Inside

With so many different things coming back into style for decorating again, I thought I would try an idea out. I might have seen this before in a magazine or on a blog, but forgive me I don't recall. Hanging a door yes, but a screen door, not really.

So when I bump into this peach for $2 at an estate sale, I took it.

As I was piling into my car between my two children, it dawned on me, it's kinda old and it might have a smell. Nevertheless, I knew I would not find one for this price again.

So I set it in the garage and waited.

Waited for inspiration.

And well for the cobwebs to disappear.

I touched up the paint and painted the screen to cover some rust.

By this time I had wondered if I had removed the character from the piece.

Once I removed the tape, the paint started to follow and I was a little sad.

Until I took a step back and realized what I had done.

Before                                                                                  After

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