Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Balls Needed!

Still basking in this brighting the house idea. I am totally enjoying this new table cloth I got. But with the new table cloth had to come this new center piece basket/bowel. Well, there was not really anything there before and I have been looking for awhile.  With a $7 tag on it the basket was the way to go.

I placed the leftover decorative balls, is that what they are called? If you know the proper term tell me, or just let me keep calling them that, I don't care.  But I think the basket is over powering the decorations and I am feeling empty with the lack of this centerpiece.

So I must get some more, right? Well then I had this overwhelming idea, there has to be something that I have read or seen that can help me with this dilemna, so I don't go out and spend money. Right?!

There is, in the dozens of blogs I read daily and gather ideas and thoughts from I knew there had to be some ideas about this. And there were.

There are tons, so please forgive me. I just don't have the time to tag or give credit here. As each one's idea is different and I kinda just made mine up as I went along.

But each one that I did read, used something different, did use hot glue or did not. Used burlap, instead of yarn, used jute instead of something else, you get the picture.

But if you would like me to tag you, give me the link and I will be glad to.

So here is where I begin, I scowered the house and toy boxes for balls, a few easter eggs and one lonely ball left over from our poor ball pit that never made it through the 1st week in our house.

Some hot glue, because I love it, I think it might be better than duct tape!
Two kinds of yarn and some jute.

The first one, I just started wrapping, nicely. 

I mean straight lines, straight here, straight everywhere.


It was taking forever!

So I just started wrapping and wrapping. As if I was transferring one spool to another. That seemed to speed the process and I think give it a little charm.

Next ball, the dog's ball. Now don't worry for some reason he only plays with the big balls outside, so this one will not be missed!

I used a thinner yarn. More string like, but with some puff. I liked out it turned out.

Then my last one, a textured kind of yarn that is two toned.

I heaaart this one, too.

They have moved into their new home nicely and I think livened the place up.

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