Sunday, June 20, 2010

China Cabinet Complete!

My original post about this cabinet was way back in April and here it is May.
The process with the cabinet went smoothly.

The dismantling and the sanding and the priming all were a breeze and I was glad my first piece was going so well.


Until, I could not find hardware, ANYWHERE!

I know what you are thinking, use the original hardware. And oh, did I want to.

I wanted to bad, but the previous owner had damaged them and I, nor my hubby could make them work.

So I spent hours online searching and then on the phone. And finally found some.

Loaded up the ole sleigh with the kiddos and headed straight there.

Now, I love it. But I am thinking about roughing it up a little, I am going let this look wear on me a little and see what I think.



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