Monday, May 10, 2010

Tassel Me...

Just in case there is another Tassel Party over at The Nester, I will be ready.

Plus, the creative juices were flowing and once they start I just can't stop.

I was not really buying this candle stick holder for a topper, I thought it was cute and maybe I could put it in my china cabinet or something.

But the brass had to go.

I got this new spray paint and wanted to try out the color and what better way then to paint something that I did not like the color of.

Two coats and I think it covered it nicely.

Will I have been out stalking reading about all these tassel makers, I thought I could do that. I was also very attracted to the idea of using burlap.

I just like it.

So here we go.

Started with the painted holder. Don't you love the work station, my dining room table with a blanket so I can watch the kiddos while I work.


I knew that with a topped like this, I would need something fluffy, so I whipped out the ole tulle.

Then cut some burlap and fastened the ends together to form loops.

However I was not to thrilled about the outcome.

So I cut the loops.

Then, added some ribbon.

I gathered another thickness of ribbon, as well as a color I liked and hot glued it into the holder, to form the hanger.

I was going for country cottage meets wedding on a Sunday.

I think I got it!

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  1. Hi there! How sweet. It's super cute and so creative. Definitely got the cottage meets Sunday wedding!

  2. This is too cute! What a great job :0)

  3. I think that is super cute! You nailed that country cottage feel!