Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Wreath...

I have been making my own wreaths for my home for years.

They have held up over time and each year seem to come out of the tote I store them in undamaged.

But the wreaths that I have been using I made when I was single and had my own place, and did not have much  mone to spend.

I  just kinda made it work.

But, now I am able to make fabulous wreaths I have always wanted on my front door.

So in replacing wreaths, or mostly ust re-vamping them. My husband has recruited me to provided wreaths for the new home buyers he has each month.

So I now in my spare time make wreaths for a welcome home package for new home owners.

What a delight?!

Ok, maybe not for you, but wouldn't have been awesome if you bought your home and as a welcome home, congratulations gift, you got a beautiful wreath.

I think so.

With the holiday season, here is one, I whipped together....

Merry Christmas!

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