Friday, April 30, 2010

My Lil Blue Chair

So, I am not a HUGE fan of garage sales, maybe junk sales are what I don't like. When it looks as though they have taken their trash and dumped it in their driveway, yeah, that's it, I don't like that kind.

But I was cruising through this FAB neighborhood where the houses are bigger then the white one in Washington and POOF, there was an "Estate Sale." And there from the road I saw the cutest and loneliest chair.

Mr. Blue.

Or, Ms. Whatever you prefer.

Now, I do love the blue, however I wanted to place this chair near the entrance of my home and there was no way it was going to go there this color.

Or anywhere else in my home for that matter.

So I started stripping.

Ok, I just re-read that sentence and realized I need to clarify.

Started using the paint stripper.

Here it is going to work.

After scraping and sanding and scraping and sanding and about a weeks worth of days, I finally got to put on the primer.

Only after one coat, too. It sure is showing potential. I can't wait to see the finished look.

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