Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I think I'm in Love...

I drove out to an old shop, that a sweet man was having to close. He was really wanting to get rid of things instead of storing them. I was originally interested in a beautiful dresser for our master bedroom, which in fact did make it to my house.

But I was glancing around checking out other things that he was packing and he allowed me to take it off his hands. I grabbed up an urn, which matches others that we have in our home.

But admired this beauty...

I was not too happy with the brassy look, though. So I pulled out the trusty old spray paint can and got to work.

Here she is after one coat.

I am loving the potential, but something that I have learned from spray painting is to take your time. Do NOT rush. I was prepared to wait the entire day to make sure this lamp came out like I wanted it to.

It only took two coats....

I love it.

I took this lamp off of an old one in a closet, I think I like it.

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